ewintr himself

"Oh, that does not sound too complicated. I bet could do that if I spend some time trying."

If I wouldn't actively suppress the urge, I would find myself starting a new hobby on a monthly, or even a weekly basis. Really, I am not exaggerating here. If I like something, I dream about creating it myself.

Of course, starting new things and trying stuff out is useful. One learns a lot. One learns, for instance, that even though a basic principle can be explained in a short blog post, it can take a very long time to learn the remaining details. That those details turn out to be very important, if you actually want to accomplish anything.

This site then, is a way to bring some order and focus in all these projects of mine. And of course a way to show off the rare cases that I manage to somewhat reach the finish line. If you're entertained by that sort of thing, or maybe even get insipred to start you own adventure, feel free to look around and take whatever you like.


All my public repositories can be found at codeberg.org.

Hire me!

If you need some help with a Go backend, I am open to contract opportunities. See my LinkedIn profile for experience and ways to contact me professionaly.


For other forms of communication, over the years I have had accounts on Mastodon, Matrix, IRC and others, but each time I ended up abandoning them. I guess I am not the type for endless streams of realtime communication. The only thing that stayed was email. So maybe try that.