Aerc Navigation Shortcuts

As to be expected from such an advanced and versatile terminal program, Aerc comes with a large set of key bindings that can be customized. There is even a separate configuration file for it: ~/.config/aerc/binds.conf.

Nevertheless, although I am a Neovim user and the basic navigation keys are modeled after Vim, I kept forgetting the most basic ones again and again. This left me stumbling around the keyboard looking like an 8 year old who broke his mouse once too often. Too stubborn to open the config file or the help, but also completely at loss which key would do what.

So for future reference:

C-n: next tab

C-p: previous tab

j: next message in list

k: previous message in list

J: next folder

K: previous folder

C-j: next part (of a message, for instance switching between plain test and HTML)

C-k: previous part