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A site 🇳🇱 full of recipes for crunchy, tasty granolas that are nothing like the mundane stuff you buy at the store. Everything made from scratch, healthy ingredients, with options for all kinds of diets like gluten-free and keto. All recipes, photos, texts and design created by my wonderful girlfriend. I -eh- also did things.


Over the course of a couple of years, I wrote a lot of short stories in a format that I called Vrij Korte Verhalen, VKV, which could be translated as Rather Short Stories. A selection of them can be found on this page 🇳🇱.

Volca Keys

Some sounds I made. Some time ago.

Story illustration

In 2015, one of my stories won the Lowlands Short Story contest. Because of that, it was featured in NRC, a Dutch national newspaper. You can read it here 🇳🇱 on their site.


A long time ago, somewhere at the start of this century, I created, a satirical site that “helped” people to kickstart their smoking habit. Right in the middle of large campaings urging people to quit, it struck a nerve and went viral. Milions of pageviews, featured in several magazines. People still bring it up, twenty years later.

The site is gone, but it you can still view it here 🇳🇱 on